reduce heat loss through your loft hatch reduce drafts from your attic with a attic stairway insulator attic trap door insulation

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Buy an loft stairway insulator for just 49.99 delivered to your door.

Eliminate draughts coming from your loft into the room or hallway below your loft stairwell and reduce heat loss via your loft ladder opening.

Use of our Loft Stairway Insulator is SEAI approved.

Installation is simple, the product doesn't require any assembly, and simply sits over the loft trap-door opening.

59” (150 cm) Long
33.5” (85cm) Wide
17.3” (44 cm) High

Insulate & Seal Your Attic Hatch - Buy Now €39.99 Delivered

Our Loft Stairway Insulator is simple to install and remove. Weighing just 2kg, it is a quick DIY loft insulation product, reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. The Loft Stairway Insulator is available in one standard size to fit all loft stairwell openings and provides an average R-value of 10, when installed.

Purchase our loft stairway insulator online and have them delivered directly to your door.

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Our loft stairway insulator is the preferred choice of many professional insulation contractors in the UK, due to it's rigid structure. When accessing the loft for storage or maintenance, the loft stairway insulator is simply moved to one side, and replaced over the opening when you finished.

Attic Stair Reflective Tent

Our products are manufactured in our factory in the EU, and are easily installed.

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Loft Access Insulation: Loft Access Lids
Reduces up to 94% of the radiant heat transfer, improving thermal performance between the loft and living space.
Helps reduce drafts.
Easily Installs in 3 minutes or less.
No tools required.
Fits over loft stairs with a rough opening of 33.5" x 59"
When entering loft simply open loft door and set The Loft Access Lid aside.

Made in EU

Prices Include Delivery

The cost of all products on this website include delivery. Our Loft Stairway insulator products are manufactured in the EU to the highest industry standards.

Eliminate Heat Loss & Draughts in your Loft Trap-Door.

Thermal Photos of Loft Stairways taken before and after the Loft Stairway Insulator is installed.

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Above: Before Click on picture for full size view.

Click Here to See Full Size Image of Attic Stairwell Taken with thermal cameral after our attic stairwell insulator has been installed.

Above: After - Click on picture for full size view.